Social Media

Social media program development and management

Enhance relationships

Leverage social media and its exponential reach opportunities as a sales channel

At GMS, we do more than simply discuss social media; we utilize it.

Our social media program allows us to strengthen, maintain, and increase our customers’ brand visibility, influence, and sales using social media, just as we do with the rest of our infrastructure.

To drive traffic and sales to your distribution channels, we partner with agencies to enhance existing relationships. We utilize our team of social media specialists at our social media hubs located in Mexico and Chile to maximize conversions and sales while establishing trust in your brand and service by taking advantage of the exponential distribution reach and unique demographic targeting opportunities available on these networks.

Furthermore, our social media program executes a branding strategy that enables us to reach consumers on a personal level to capture, drive, and convert traffic to our website. While all our marketing programs encompass unified branding campaigns with geographic or global scaling options, our social media program manages a branding strategy to reach consumers on a personal level. Our goal is to promote customer loyalty, strengthen customer relationships, build community, and ultimately, increase sales and return on investment through conversations, content, and campaigns that directly engage your customers.

We also utilize social intelligence through our social media hub, which integrates 360⁰ sales support systems, to maximize the effectiveness of your sales program through social media. Using data-driven psychographic customer profiles, our team monitors the status of your brand on social media platforms and identifies new and incremental sales opportunities.

Our social media program includes…

Our Services


Strategic partnerships, promotions, sales incentive programs, trade show participation, and more

Public Relations

Press coverage in the region’s leading travel industry and consumer media


In-country regional sales force development with full-time sales reps in each primary country selected

Social Media

Social media program development and management presence

Online Platforms

Online and offline platform development: Apps, web and tailored made solutions

Strategic Communications

Strategic media assets to develop new client acquisition