In-country regional sales force development with
full-time sales reps

When it comes to sales, results are a measure of revenue

We build our entire infrastructure around delivering results and generating revenue, from our sales teams to our marketing experts.

As a multi-platform operations infrastructure provider and social media hub, we are uniquely prepared and equipped to maximize revenue and sales for your brand. Our proven 360⁰ sales framework provides revenue-driving and business-building solutions that can be used to fully support your sales efforts by leveraging revenue-driving and business-building solutions.

 The extensive network of contacts and resources that GMS has available to you will allow you to achieve your goals, whether you’re a destination, an independent hotel, an online travel agency, or any other travel brand. The long-standing relationships we hold with the region’s leading tour operators, wholesalers, travel agents, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and industry leaders ensure your brand has access to key sellers and influencers that will enable you to successfully market your brand.

Our portfolio of sales services includes:

Our Services


Strategic partnerships, promotions, sales incentive programs, trade show participation, and more

Public Relations

Press coverage in the region’s leading travel industry and consumer media


In-country regional sales force development with full-time sales reps in each primary country selected

Social Media

Social media program development and management presence

Online Platforms

Online and offline platform development: Apps, web and tailored made solutions

Strategic Communications

Strategic media assets to develop new client acquisition