Public Relations

Press coverage with the region’s leading travel industry and consumer media

Full-Service Media Relations

As a result of GMS’s long history of market participation, GMS has developed strong relationships with the region’s leading traditional and digital media

In addition to creating a systematic and customized outreach program, our public relations professionals also work to ensure that your hotel, destination, or brand consistently receives positive media exposure. As a result of this approach, your brand is continuously exposed to the appropriate media. Besides gaining significant exposure, it is building goodwill and trust with the press, the market, and customers.

GMS organizes trade and consumer FAM trips as a perquisite to your media outreach to ensure a continued 360⁰ approach in your public relations activities. Our goal is to create positive multi-channel buzz and enhance results for your brand by cultivating in-market promotions, participating in trade shows, hosting branded events, and generating viral marketing opportunities. GMS maintains relationships across all levels of the market and industry to provide access to travel events at the highest levels of government.

GMS Public Relations Suite of Services includes:

Our Services


Strategic partnerships, promotions, sales incentive programs, trade show participation, and more

Public Relations

Press coverage in the region’s leading travel industry and consumer media


In-country regional sales force development with full-time sales reps in each primary country selected

Social Media

Social media program development and management presence

Online Platforms

Online and offline platform development: Apps, web and tailored made solutions

Strategic Communications

Strategic media assets to develop new client acquisition