Marketing & Advertising

Strategic partnership development, trade incentive program creation, development and monitoring

Integrated Marketing

Using our fully integrated marketing and advertising campaigns, we will optimize sales and establish your brand’s reputation

By combining smart and targeted advertising and marketing, we will help your brand or destination stand out from the competition.

Using our in-depth market knowledge, GMS’s media planning team can identify the most strategic advertising and marketing opportunities for your brand across all channels to create an effective campaign. Using immediately executable calls-to-action in all your advertising initiatives, your brand or destination will increase awareness, awareness, mind share, and brand recognition. Additionally, our media buying group will ensure that your budget is optimized across all levels of ad purchase using GMS’s purchasing power to secure the best media pricing and packages.

The long-term relationships we have built with leading airlines, credit cards, hotels, and car rental companies will enable us to maximize your marketing and advertising budget through strategic partnerships that will bring you new customer acquisitions, cross-selling opportunities, and increased audience reach for your brand. Through the creation of subtle and overt touchpoints, this 360⁰ approach places your brand wherever your customers are, maximizing your results through a multilayered approach.

GMS Marketing and Advertising Solutions Includes:

Our Services


Strategic partnerships, promotions, sales incentive programs, trade show participation, and more

Public Relations

Press coverage in the region’s leading travel industry and consumer media


In-country regional sales force development with full-time sales reps in each primary country selected

Social Media

Social media program development and management presence

Online Platforms

Online and offline platform development: Apps, web and tailored made solutions

Strategic Communications

Strategic media assets to develop new client acquisition