Global Marketing & Sales

GMS is the travel industry’s leading Sales & Marketing choice

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leader and essential strategic partner for the travel and mobility industry’s leading global brands

Our Mission

To improve, and enhance the presence, sales, and results of our clients producing positive brand impact, growth, and development

As an end-to-end, multichannel travel industry provider in the Americas and Caribbean markets since 1998, GMS has been providing end-to-end services to the travel industry. With our integrated approach, we maximize our clients’ efficiency and ROI, maximizing their revenue, arrivals, and room nights, while delivering a clear path to profitability.

Despite our unrivaled position in the region, we are also uniquely designed to deliver results through our sales, social media, public relations, marketing, and operational infrastructure. Throughout the past 25 years, our key executives have worked with some of the most prestigious global travel brands in Latin America. Aside from our extensive knowledge and expertise of the region, we also have strong business relationships, gained the marketplace’s trust, and have established offices in the world’s major economic centers.

GMS Offices

In addition to understanding the nuances of the market, GMS deeply understands how they can potentially impact our clients. We execute our client marketing strategy, travel trade sales calls, FAMs, industry presentations, product training, and other client marketing activities with an intense commitment to hearing our clients’ brands.

Our commitment to GMS goes beyond passion; it is at the heart of all we do. Everything we do is aimed at achieving tangible results. Despite the most challenging markets and landscapes, our team has consistently produced solutions and incremental results for our clients.

Accreditations and Trade Affiliations

In addition to being a member of the American Chamber of Commerce, GMS is represented by Visit USA’s past president, Alex Pace. From sponsoring and hosting breakfasts to participating in workshops and attending trade shows, GMS is actively involved with all significant trade associations in the United States, Canada, & Latin America.

We Produce Results

Through our efforts, GMS has generated incremental arrivals from key target markets in the United States and the Caribbean each year, which has contributed to the growth and development of our client destinations. In order to contribute to the growth of our represented destinations, GMS directly drives and collectively contributes to the combined economic value of:

Our Clients

Our clients have the benefit of knowing they’re in good company, and they won’t get lost in translation. We are selective about our client brands ensuring that they receive the attention, access, and representation they deserve, and most importantly, the expected results.

Our portfolio of clients that have put their trust in us to execute multi-platform, regional campaigns for the following leading brands: